Better Safe Than Tumour

Working in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity once again, we are proud to announce our involvement in part-funding the national Better Safe Than Tumour campaign.

This provides people with signs and symptoms of brain tumours through the Headsmart website. Our funding supports the paediatric arm of the awareness campaign so that people can see how signs and symptoms differ for babies, children and teens.

Booster Boxes

For children going through treatment for brain tumours, and their siblings, we offer Booster Boxes to provide a little pick-me-up.

Tailored to your children’s favourite things, the boxes are put together with thought and care to hopefully provide a smile in amongst the difficult times.

Leeds Tissue Bank

OSCAR’s PBTC are co-funding the Leeds Neuropathology Research Tissue Bank, along with Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity, providing an essential resource for scientists in the area and across the country to access brain tumour tissue.

A number of research projects that have relied upon the Tissue Bank in Leeds are taking place or have been carried out. One such project looks at categorising tumours and how they recur.

Survivorship research

We are funding a research project based at The Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle to support children surviving a brain tumour, specifically measuring attention difficulties and recommending the best measures to improve things for children academically and socially.

Support projects to be announced

TWO exciting support projects to be announced

Wheels are in motion on two very exciting projects, one that will be based in Leeds and one on our website. Some funding has already been secured thanks to our partnership Vantage Toyota York and we hope to announce more details in the New Year.

What next?

We are always interested in talking to people about the projects we fund and future projects we can be involved with.

Our mission is to provide Ongoing Support, Care, Awareness and Research in the area of children’s brain tumours. We look to find new and different projects that can help children and their families at their point of greatest need, while also investing in the future.

Contact our Charity Manager, Phil Martinez, if you want to discuss what we fund and what we hope to fund: