Marie Hughes
Marie Hughes, Chief Executive, OSCAR’s PBTC


Marie is the mother of four boys and sadly lost 9 year old Oscar to a brain tumour in May 2014. She is determined to help find better treatments for brain tumours so other children won’t have to go through what her own son and her family did. Marie is responsible for the day to day running of the charity including all fundraising enquiries, daily support and main point of contact for families and supporters of the charity as well as vital event support and management of the office.

Chair of the Board, OSCAR's PBTC
Sharon Reid, Chair of the Board, OSCAR’s PBTC


Sharon is a former Executive Director, Creative and Chief Operating Officer at Edelman, the world’s largest PR agency, a trustee of Sarcoma UK and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is a passionate believer in the importance of research and is very proud to be involved with OSCAR’s PBTC. Sharon hopes that the work of the charity will enable more research into paediatric brain tumours, specifically looking at the ways treatments affect children, young adults and their families.

Sarah Jane Grey, Treasurer OSCAR's PBTC
Sarah Jane Gray, Treasurer OSCAR’s PBTC


Sarah has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and surgical sales sector and is very familiar with the importance of medical advancements for better patient outcomes. She believes research is essential for improving diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for all children with brain tumours and hopes OSCAR’s PBTC can offer much needed funding to help push the boundaries in finding better ways of curing this devastating disease. Sarah’s focus as a treasurer will ensure record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of the statutory bodies and compliance with regulatory organisations.

Phil Martinez, Trustee, OSCAR's PBTC
Phil Martinez, Trustee, OSCAR’s PBTC


For the past eighteen years, Phil has been a teacher at the school Oscar attended, and sadly lost his mum to a brain tumour in 2013. He is passionate about supporting the charity in helping children receive early diagnosis and the best possible treatment and care. He also hopes research can facilitate improved diagnosis and treatment for adults. Phil was RAG President at the University of York, raising thousands for a range of charities through a variety of events, and will draw on that experience to assist Oscar’s PBTC. He lives in York with his wife and two young children.

Marius Barnard, Trustee, OSCAR's PBTC
Marius Barnard, Trustee, OSCAR’s PBTC


Marius was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and is a former Professional tennis player who played on the World Tennis Tour for 13 years. In that time he played all the major Grand Slams, reaching the doubles quarter finals at Wimbledon and the Australian Open. He was Oscar’s tennis coach, whom he decribed as one of the most talented youngsters he had the pleasure to teach. As a father himself and touched by the strength and character that defined Oscar, Marius’ involvement with OSCAR’s PBTC is to help improve research and treatments to continue medical advancements that provide the best possible outcomes.

Pandora Maxton, Creative Director, OSCAR's PBTC
Pandora Maxton, Creative Director, OSCAR’s PBTC


Pandora, a family friend, was proud to be asked by Marie to be a trustee of OSCAR’s PBTC. She looks forward to supporting the charity in raising money for much needed research into paediatric brain tumours. Pandora previously ran her own art business before moving into high-end interior design, working for some of the top fabric houses from London, Paris, Thailand and Italy. She currently works for Yorkshire Living magazine.

Ian Northmore, Trustee, OSCAR's PBTC
Ian Northmore, Trustee, OSCAR’s PBTC


Ian runs Rhea Consulting, a Customer Experience Consultancy that specialises in Operational Start-ups and Business Transformation. His work has taken him all over the world with companies like Virgin, and he is passionate about making a difference and helping people to achieve their potential. Ian lives in York with his wife Helen and their three boys, and is very proud to be involved with OSCAR’s PBTC. He wants the charity to help fund research that will one day defeat brain tumours, and that will make things better for children and their families who are impacted.