Our newly appointed trustee Judith Kirk is undertaking her second challenge for OSCAR’s PBTC.  Since she swam Windermere in September 2017 she’s done many different types of swims. This has included the Great Swim 10km in Lake Windermere in June 2018, lake swimming in Northern Finland, sea and pool swimming in South Africa and Australia as well as Lake Buttermere.  In November last year she had her first venture into cold water swimming in Lake Windermere at 8 degrees and no wetsuit.

So for 2019 and 202 Judith is swimming across Windermere again and then taking on her biggest challenge to date – Loch Lomond.  In swimming terms this is an extreme endurance event in variable conditions and water temperatures. Training has already started with several long distance ‘swimming weekends’. We’ll be sharing regular updates of Judith’s training over the coming months and we’re very proud that she’s doing it for OSCAR’s charity.