Last September, Gary Hudson took on a challenge of epic proportions and undertook aweek-long African adventure which took him through four different climates in the process. Kilimanjaro is located in the National Park of Tanzania and stands at a majestic 5,895 metres high.

Gary said of his challenge:  ‘It’s said that there’s a time in life when there’s more to look back on than perhaps to look forward to. Creeping above the 60 mark I may well have reached that point but don’t necessarily agree with its sentiments. I believe there’s still plenty of ambition for us grey heads to consider. So when the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro was presented it proved the point that wisdom doesn’t always prevail and the challenge was accepted.’

Gary and his wife Vicky ran two amazing fundraising events within their local community which raised over £7,000 and then donations via JustGiving topped the overall amount over £11,000.  We’re so grateful that Gary chose to do this challenge for OSCAR’s. The money raised will go towards an exciting new project that we hope will benefit children with brain tumours across the Yorkshire region.