Leeds Neuropathology Research Tissue Bank

Leeds Neuro RTB

The Leeds Neuropathology Tissue Bank is an essential facility for researchers to gain access to brain tumour samples to help inform their work. Read here about a new, successful project by GLASS (Glioma Longitudinal Analysis Consortium) involving tissue from Leeds NRTB.

The tissue bank will encourage collaboration in collecting, conserving and examining samples – and is being funded for three years by OSCAR’S Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity and Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity.

The project is coordinated by Dr Lucy Stead, Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, Head of Glioma Genomics with the Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James’s Hospital and a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow.

Leading Healthcare interviewed Dr. Stead at the start of the project.

Marie, our Chief Executive Officer, said: “The only way to find a cure and less devastating treatments is to undertake critical research. The work that Dr Lucy Stead is doing locally will create more opportunities for researchers to have greater success in brain tumour investigation.

“This is an extremely exciting project to get involved with, as the impact that this will have on brain tumour research, not just in Yorkshire, but nationally and globally, is enormous.”

We are very proud to invite you to watch videos from some of the team at Leeds about how the Tissue Bank and OSCAR’s PBTC funding is helping them with their work.