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Oscar Hughes

OSCAR’s (Ongoing, Support, Care And Research into) Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity was formed in November 2014 by the parents and friends of Oscar Hughes, a 9 year old boy who died of a Medulloblastoma (a brain tumour) in May 2014.

Oscar was a sporty and energetic 8 year old when he was first diagnosed. His motto was “A day without training is a day without meaning”. As he went through treatment he put all his energy into staying strong for his siblings and friends, as well as fundraising for other children with cancer. In particularly he raised over £6K through a marathon relay in which he himself took part at a time when even walking was a challenge.

The journey Oscar went on for a year to try and be free of cancer was both heartbreaking and inspiring to see. The treatments involved to fight brain tumours have devastating effects on a young body and mind. This is unacceptable and the only way to change this is by researching these cancers and find better treatments.

The charity aims to fund critical research into paediatric brain tumours with the hope to find a cure and less devastating treatments and works closely with other charities.

Research Changes Lives

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Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killers in people under the age of 40, a fact many people are unaware of.

The five-year survival rate for brain tumours is only 19.8% whereas for other cancers it is 50%. It is a misconception by the government and other organisations that brain tumour research doesn’t need much funding; this is due to the rarity of brain tumours. However when we lose more young people to brain tumours than to any other cancer, and when brain tumour patients are left with a poor quality of life, this is just not good enough.

But we can change this. Research changes lives.


Direct Chemotherapy Delivery
OSCAR’s PBTC are part-funding a trial with The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK.
The trial, conducted by Professor David Walker and colleagues at the University of Nottingham and Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit, are testing whether chemotherapy drugs for brain tumours in children can be administered directly to the brain where they are needed.

Drug development for medulloblastoma
We have agreed to donate £125,000 over 5 years  towards improving understanding and treatment of the type of childhood brain tumour which took Oscar’s life.

OSCARs PBTC part-fund a researcher based at the world-renowned Institute of Cancer Research, who carries out work, as part of an international and interdisciplinary team, led by Professor Louis Chesler.

Tom Daley patron of The Brain Tumour Charity

Research Changes Lives

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Everyone with OSCAR’s PBTC is an unpaid volunteer. We happily give our time & energy to organise & run events, to fundraise and in our own time and our own way, spread the word.

We do what we can because we want to make a difference: we don’t want any more kids to go through what Oscar went through. As a new charity we have pledged that as much money as possible from what we raise will go directly to paediatric brain tumour research.

It is our wish to help drive down diagnosis time, increase survival rate and quality of life after treatment.

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