The Major Series North 2018

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Last modified: 10th July 2017

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TIME: The OSCAR’s PBTC Wave starts at 10:15hrs

VENUE: Bramham Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS23 6LT

The Major’s Northern event is held in the stately grounds of Bramham Park, near Leeds. The grand home sitting in the centre of the Estate is a sight to behold. However, the Major’s troops have been more interested in transforming the multitude of muddy bogs, thick woods and river crossings that surround it into their biggest and best course yet.

We will run across muddy trenches, through cold-water lakes, wild terrain and amazing obstacle zones. Our teams will be running the 10k course this year, so strap those boots on tight and go for it.

Last year we had a number of runners in the Major Series North running for the charity. It will be a blast as you navigate ‘concept zones’ which will immerse you in awesome military themes, where you will be bombarded with smoke, explosions, unexpected smells, sounds or music.

More info on the obstacles here but suffice to say you’ll get very wet, very muddy and have a lot of fun!

How you tackle the course is entirely up to you – race your friends to see who can finish first, take your time and enjoy the view, or do it with a group of friends at your own pace. It’ll be lots of fun however you approach it.

The charity will cover your cost of entry (usually £45) and you’ll receive a winner’s medal, OSCAR’s PBTC t-shirt to run in as well as a Major Series t-shirt to get changed into after. All we ask is that you try raise enough money to at least cover the cost of your entry.

Brand new for 2016, the course will feature surprise ‘concept zones’ which will immerse you in awesome military themes. You’ll be transported off into another world, as your senses are bombarded with smoke, explosions, unexpected smells, sounds or music.

More info on the obstacles here

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to take part in this 10k Major Series and if you wish to join us, please email

By joining the OSCAR’s PBTC Team you will receive:

• OSCAR’s PBTC t-shirt

• A fundraising pack full of advice plus enthusiastic support from us before, during and after the event

• An invitation to party with your team mates after the race

Get involved in this brilliant event (over 17s only)

How to enter:

Email your interest to Marie and she will send you a link for your sign up.

Download our sponsor form:  MS-2016-Sponsor-Form